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Discrimination made legal against Singaporeans, British, Irish, Germans, Swiss, Croatians, Americans and Canadians." Read all about it -     New Zealand LISTENER  Donald Trump's ALTERNATIVE FACT has arrived and settled in New Zealand. The private savings of immigrants "can be seen as a pension" and stolen by the New Zealand Ministry of Social Development, as ruled by its present Chief Executive under his warped and immoral interpretation of Section 70.
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Discrimination made legal in New Zeeland

Warning to all Singaporeans Do not move to New Zealand because the New Zealand government discriminates against Singaporeans. The NZ government will pay full pensions to  all nationalities except Singaporeans  as the monthly refund to Singaporeans by the CPF Board will be swallowed up by the NZ government’s Ministry of Social Development. This discrimination has been made legal by the NZ Court of Appeal as it denied the right of Singaporeans to proceed to the Court of Appeal after unfair decisions of the Social Security Appeal Authority and the High Court which substituted the word CPF “refund” to become “payment”, “periodical allowance” and pension”. The Chairwoman of the Social Security Appeal Authority, who had a conviction of unfairness against her tenant ( ) , ruled that, “ [32] The appellant says the payment (refund) he receives is not a benefit or a pension. Section 70 refers to benefits,