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Discrimination made legal in New Zeeland

Warning to all Singaporeans

Do not move to New Zealand because the New Zealand government discriminates against Singaporeans. The NZ government will pay full pensions to all nationalities except Singaporeans as the monthly refund to Singaporeans by the CPF Board will be swallowed up by the NZ government’s Ministry of Social Development. This discrimination has been made legal by the NZ Court of Appeal as it denied the right of Singaporeans to proceed to the Court of Appeal after unfair decisions of the Social Security Appeal Authority and the High Court which substituted the word CPF “refund” to become “payment”, “periodical allowance” and pension”.

The Chairwoman of the Social Security Appeal Authority, who had a conviction of unfairness against her tenant ( , ruled that, “[32] The appellant says the payment (refund) he receives is not a benefit or a pension. Section 70 refers to benefits, pensions and periodical allowances. The payment at issue in this appeal is a payment (refund) he is entitled to receive monthly. It is a periodical payment.

[33] The amount received by the appellant is paid (refunded) periodically and is payable on the appellant attaining a particular age. It is intended by the Singapore Government primarily to replace income on retirement or old age. We are in no doubt the payment (refund) the appellant receives constitutes a periodical allowance.”

[34] In addition, the New Zealand Oxford Dictionary defines “pension” as: 1. A regular payment made by a government to people above a specified age, to widows or to the disabled. The payments (refunds) made to the appellant also readily fall within a commonly understood meaning of “pension”.

Note: The appellant’s words “refunds”, which is the actual truth, had been substituted by the Social Security Appeal Authority with “payments”. This play on choice definitions of words is an affront to fairness, morality, principles and natural justice.

The High Court Judge Brewer ( in his judgement NZHC 711 of 11 April 2017 ( ruled, “[18] In my view, the Authority is correct. The appellant’s monthly payments (refunds) were made at an amount and frequency determined by Singaporean law regulating the CPF. It was certainly a periodical allowance. Whether the payments amount to a pension is more problematic. The payments were made by (or on behalf of) the Government of Singapore, but not from funds contributed by the public generally. Nevertheless, I characterise the payments (refunds) as a pension. They came from money collected by the Government compulsorily from the appellant and his employers.

Background of Justice Timothy Brewer -

From 1997-2001 he was a part-time Commissioner of the Law Commission.As a Crown lawyer, Justice Brewer was behind the unlawful cover-up of NZ Army culpability in the 1994 Te Rata (Berryman) bridge collapse which resulted in the wrongful death of beekeeper Kenneth Richards. Brewer had the engineer’s investigative report (the Butcher Report) into the collapse materially altered to expunge reference to the poor construction by the NZ Army just eight years earlier.Justice Brewer joined the Territorial Force of the New Zealand Army in 1976; appointed a member of the Courts Martial Panel of Advocates in 2001; Judge-Advocate from 2004-2009 and a Judge of the Court Martial of New Zealand from 2009. He retired in 2009 as Director-General Reserve Forces with the rank of Brigadier.Justice Brewer was appointed an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2003. 

The Court of Appeal (CA 235/2017 – NZCA 369) denied the right of Singaporeans to appeal against two unfair decisions of two not 100% PURE NZ people, stating – Decision: “[12] The appellant did not confine his submissions on the leave application to the proposed questions of law. For example, he advanced submissions under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990, the Privacy Act 1993 and Magna Carta. We will address only those submissions that are relevant to the specific questions of law for which leave to bring a second appeal is sought. [13] We accept the appellant’s submissions that the proposed appealraises an issue of some potential general or public importance to the extent that other Singaporean citizens who are entitled to receive New Zealand Superannuation may also be affected by their entitlements under the Fund. However, for the reasons that follow, we are satisfied that the application for leave to bring a second appeal must be declined because it has no realistic prospect of success..... There is no appearance of error or of a miscarriage of justice.”

Conclusion: The end result is the same – Discrimination against Singaporeans by the New Zealand government, no matter how the judiciary defines CPF refunds, which their ex-Premier John Key and thousands of Kiwis who had worked in Singapore had collected their CPF savings tax-free.

The hijacked CPF savings of Singaporeans, refunded monthly, are “taxed 100%” by the New Zealand government and deemed a pension, payment, periodical allowance and a benefit, while all other nationalities retain their own savings tax-free.

The fact that Singapore discriminates against its own citizens is compounded by New Zealand which perpetuates this crime, despite their 1993 New Zealand Human Rights Act which clearly stated, discrimination by nationality, whether directly or indirectly is unlawful.

So Singaporeans should beware and not invest in a country that discriminates against them – just like this website warning immigrants -

Yet the Singapore government sends its soldiers to New Zealand for training, has its fighter jets at an airbase here, and the GIC invested billions of CPF money in New Zealand’s “property bubble” market. It is about time that the Singapore government realises that New Zealand is indirectly forcing Singaporeans to discard their red passports and rapidly deplete the coffers of the Singapore CPF Board. If the New Zealand judiciary can define one nationality’s CPF savings as a pension, allowance, periodical payment and a benefit, other countries like the USA and Australia, may follow suit and soon, they may be a run on the people’s savings in the CPF Board, all started by New Zealand, which despite receiving large annual payments from the SAF/MINDEF, has no principles, conscience or gratitude and instead, discriminates against Singaporeans. This is the REAL New Zealand, not the slogan 100% PURE NZ it trumpets all over the world.

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